OUR STAFF                             

    All stables in the racing business build success based on the quality of their people not just the horses.Here at Induna Stables we are proud of the commitment shown by our staff who come to know your horses intimately through regular contact. 
Riders will be allocated certain horses and, where possible, will be assigned to a horse for much of the season. This ensures that each rider assumes responsibility for the horse in their care but more importantly builds a high level of understanding between horse and rider.   
 Sam with The Fiddlersam oh its saucepot  


 Jasmine with Hi Ho Silverjaz hi ho silver

Kaiya with Chisana

kaiya chisana

Pam with Double or Bubble

pam double or bubble

Erin with Purgatory

erin purgatory

Vendie with Delilah Park

vendy delilah park


Alisha with the Corporal

alisha the corporal

Oleg with Glen Esk

Oleg Glen Esk

Shona with Follow Intello

Shona follow intello


If you are looking to join a team of dedicated  people then contact Chris for more information